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PartyPoker Denmark helps support this Web site and pay some of my bills. Myself, I'm not a big poker fan; in fact, I don't do much gambling at all. Visited a casino once, spent a measly sum of $6 (six dollars) playing slot machines... not much fun for me, I can tell. Others, they go crazy! If you're one of them, keep reading.

Anyway, back to business. Are you into onlike gambling? Card games, poker and stuff done online, without going to the casino? Then you may want to try an online gaming company. And if you do, try the biggest, safest company you can find. Like PartyPoker.

PartyPoker is a big name in the online gaming industry, and is the world's largest online gambling company. The company is publicly traded and listed on the London Stock Exchange (BPTY). The Danish branch is licensed and regulated by the Danish Gaming Authority, a government authority regulating the country's gambling industry. PartyPoker's games are tested by iTech Labs, an ISO/IEC 17025 certified testing laboratory that tests online games to ensure the games are fair and operate correctly. So I think it's a safe bet. If you want to try out an online poker game, try PartyPoker Denmark!


fonXL Call Display Screen Saver is freeware. The product is free of ads, malware, sponsor-ware or whatever-ware of any type. The reason I can provide you with a free product I spent hours developing is on-site advertising and affiliate partnerships. Whenever you visit my Web sites, you can see little bits of contextual ads. By simply featuring the ads, I receive enough revenue to cover for Web hosting, development costs and time spent on customer support.

Turn your PC into a phone answering center! Call Trace. If you receive an obscene or harassing phone call, hang up. Lift the handset and wait for the dial tone. To activate, press *57. De-activates after each use. Information about the traced call will be released only to the police at their request.